Opens on 16th October 2020
1-3pm & 5-7pm

An exhibition which explores the artist’s association with animals, plants and nature.

If you can, call in to @mistgallery and see the show in person or view it online at

I am a mum, an artist, maker and designer living in Northern New South Wales, Australia.

I love spending time outdoors in the natural environment, among the rainforest, in the desert and along the coastline.

While the overall landscape is spectacular, it is the wonder and mystery of the intricate details that truly inspire me. The kind of detail you only see upon close observation, colours, patterns, textures, these are significant to me.

Besides my art and making, my favourite things are enjoying time with my husband and three children, travelling, cooking, gardening and the occasional indulgence in chocolate (Ok, maybe a little more than occasional!!).

You can browse some of my recent artwork here.

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